Forecasting and market analysis techniques

Developed for non-aesthetic applications and function oriented, technical textiles market has been on the radar for the past several years, given its high growth potential and capacity for job creation. The market is making rapid advances with about 60% of products across the globe produced with fibers that were not marketed five decades ago. Industrial textiles are designed to [...]

Storytelling for Understanding the User

Storytelling is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener’s imagination, as it’s definition by the National Storytelling Network. For this chapter the focus relies on storytelling application for story presentation -a narrative development-, and how it captivates audiences. To discover new [...]

General trends of Innovation in the technical textiles’ sector

The first-generation textile fibres were those that were procured directly from the nature and that era lasted for 4,000 years. Many years before, science developed a second generation of new fibres, called man-made fibres. Nylon and polyester are two examples of them, a result of the efforts taken by chemists in 1950, to evolve with materials that resemble natural [...]

Communication platforms & customisation

According to the European Textile Platform , “the future of European textiles and clothing sector will increasingly depend on the industry’s ability to relentlessly innovate in its products, to use the most advanced, flexible and resource-efficient processes and to focus its organizational structure and business operations on the constantly evolving needs of its customers”.One of the pillars [...]

Technological watch: how to do technological watch, tools and references on advanced textile materials

Competitive intelligence is the key of a successful business strategy. However, the pace at which technology is disrupting industries makes it an indispensable cornerstone in anticipating new competitive drivers. Here’s where a technological watch process can help, and it explains why it is so important nowadays.


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