Contextualizing sustainable textile product design

This resource considers ways to actively engage with sustainability in the context of design using the card decks Sustainable Design Cards and Material Pathways. While the specific content of the cards will be described in the section ‘Sustainable Design Cards and Material Pathways’, the outset of the development of the resources was a need to strengthen discussion on:

What sustainability is or can be (?)

How sustainability can be approached (?)

This points towards creating awareness for and among multifarious actors, in academia, industry and in politics, to whom this is core and offering a joint framework for discussing issues of the impact but also potentials of design in relation to this. In the context of DESTEX, here this will be in the framing of textile product design.

The purpose of the following OER is to introduce a learning tool developed to inform on and activate approaches to sustainable design. In the OER, participants use the Sustainable Design Cards and Material Pathways to unfold potentials and challenges in existing business models. The output, in addition to knowledge on a concrete tool, is building awareness, reflection and critical faculty on the topic.

Keywords: Technological watch, innovation, information sources, competition watch, comercial watch,

surrounding watch.



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DESTEX project (INDUSTRIAL AND CREATIVE DESIGN IN ADVANCED TEXTILE MANUFACTURING; project reference number 2019-1-SE01-KA203-060379) is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.