Upcycling & sustainable based thinking in product design

Research is a very important process for the design of a product. Having the knowledge of what are the needs and being able to depict this [knowledge] following a sustainable thinking, is more probable to thrive as an act. nowadays. Since the textile industry is one the most harmful industries towards the environment and the people as well, the research and development of sustainable ideas and products is of vital importance.

Another strong element in the actions taken for sustainable product design is the term of upcycling, since it prolongs the life cycle of a product, therefore it reduces its disposal and in the long term its impact on the environment. On the other hand, the upcycling of a product can regenerate it into a new life cycle as a fresh produced product which might have acquired the purchase – hence the production – of a new one.

Keywords: Sustainability, upcycling, research, R&D, innovation, design, potential, fog- catcher



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DESTEX project (INDUSTRIAL AND CREATIVE DESIGN IN ADVANCED TEXTILE MANUFACTURING; project reference number 2019-1-SE01-KA203-060379) is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.